A Natural Rubber Testing and Certification Laboratory Authorised By MRB



 Equipment  Particulars



 Inspection Equipment

1  Laboratory Mill  150 X 300 mm roller 4  To homogenise / sheet rubber sample.


2  Analytical Balance  Electronic model 8

 To weigh rubber sample, dirt sieve and  chemical.


3  Oven  China made model  2 

 To dry sample for VM and Dirt tests.

 Memmert model 6
 Precision Oven 4

 To age sample for PRI test.

4  Plastimeter  Wallace MK-II model 8

 Initial plasticity (Po) and PRI test.

5  Mooney Viscometer  Sondes Place MK-II     model 5

 To determine the Mooney Viscosity of

6  Muffle Furnace  Gallenkamp model 4

 To ash the rubber sample for ash test.

7  Colour Hydraulic
 Apex Construction Ltd.

 To mould the sample prepare for
 colour matching.

8  Dirt Heater  6 - 12 kW; 85 - 140
3  To speed up the dissolution of rubber
 sample for Dirt test.


 Rheometer  Monsanto R100 1  To determine the curing
 characteristics of rubber in the form
 of rheograph.


10  Nitrogen Test
 Digestion Heater &
4  To determine Nitrogen content in
 rubber sample.
11  AE Test Apparatus  Glassware & Heating
1  To determine oil content in rubber
12  MASHT Apparatus  Glassware & Vacuum 
1  To determine the harden Mooney
 Viscosity (VR) of rubber.
13  WASHT Apparatus  Glassware & Chamber


 To determine the harden plasticity
 (P) of rubber.

* Calibrated by MRB or accredited calibration laboratory. LAST UPDATE: APR 2014


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